Hi! I’m Chris and I’ve created this place for those of you who wish to learn how to paint vibrant, full of life, mostly nature-inspired watercolors. My school will help you to hone your watercolor painting skills. I will help you to create paintings that you will be proud of. I like to paint in a realistic style and if you are interested in how to paint like me, join me today! If you would like to take your watercolors to the next level, this is a perfect place for you. In my school you will find many a bit more challenging tutorials which will help you to develop your skills and move forward.


Painting is like meditation. It’s a slow process of putting one brush stroke after another, immersing yourself into the wonderful world of watercolor. I find it very relaxing when I slowly build my paintings with layers, working section by section and trying to find ways to depict my subject in a realistic style. Vibrant colors and transparent properties of watercolor paints allow me to capture the essence of my subjects in a unique way. Working with this medium is challenging, but also very exciting and rewarding.

Inspiration is everywhere. A small bird on a thorn twig, a ray of light illuminating the petals from the back, repeated patterns of batik fabrics or just a beautiful shape of a leaf with a dew drop that will fall off in a moment. Little bits of reality that we pass by indifferently can have great power – they remind us that we are just pollen in this universe. I’d like to stop for a moment, capture those bits and contemplate them for a little longer.

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Krzysztof is a superb watercolor artist and he’s quite selfless with sharing his tips and methods with his peers and budding watercolor artists. I like his work because he has a bright and crisp pallet. Thanks for the help in my journey Krzysztof and I pray you good fortune in the future.

David Hoque

Krzysztof has the best artwork & tutorials!! Never painted watercolors before & he is so easy to follow. Have to pause a lot because he makes it look so easy to do…lol. Patience & persistence…it pays off. I see multitudes of colors in everything now. Looking forward to more.

Tara Sawyer

I adore his tutorials. Krzysztof, hats off to you! Wonderful work.

Linda Chase

I absolutely love your videos. Your English is perfect. Stop worrying about it. You do a great job explaining and demonstrating your techniques. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Vivian Cooper

Hi Chris, love your site. It is very inspirational and educational! Your art is also beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


I am learning so much from your art tutorials thank you for making amazing paintings! ?

Gracie Anna Shack

He is an amazing teacher and artist. I have learned a lot following him

Shahnaz Leroy

Chris is such a talented artist and a wonderful, generous teacher.

Marsha Cole

Painting with watercolors is usually associated with delicate, light images, unpredictability and chaos on paper which is difficult to tame. But this is only a part of equation. Watercolors can be mastered and used to create realistic, more detailed images. Controlled chaos, precision, but also the freedom and boldness in the use of color can give you amazing results. The basis is mastering the techniques and patience! Patience is the fundamental principle.

I like realistic painting (to a greater or lesser extent). I have always strived to faithfully reproduce reality in my paintings, but leaving some room for my own interpretations. On this site I share my watercolor experience with the hope that my adventures will help someone.


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