Let’s paint some vibrant watercolors together!

Krzysztof Kowalski

Hi! I’m Chris, and I have created this place for those of you who wish to learn how to paint vibrant, full of life, mostly nature-inspired watercolors. In my school, you will find many more challenging tutorials that will help you hone your watercolor painting skills and move forward. Are you ready to develop and take your watercolors to the next level? I hope so! I will help you to create paintings that you will be proud of.

The process

Painting is like meditation. It’s a slow process of putting one brush stroke after another, immersing yourself into the wonderful world of watercolor. I find it very relaxing when I slowly build my paintings with layers, working section by section and trying to depict my subject in a realistic style. Slowly is the keyword! :) Vibrant colors and transparent properties of watercolor paints allow me to capture the essence of my subjects in a unique way. Working with this medium is challenging but also very exciting and rewarding.

Inspiration is everywhere: a small bird on a thorn twig, a ray of light illuminating the petals from the back, repeated patterns of batik fabrics, or just a beautiful shape of a leaf with a dewdrop that will fall off in a moment. Little bits of reality that we pass by indifferently can have tremendous power – they remind us that we are just pollen in this universe. I want to stop for a moment, capture those bits and contemplate them for a little longer.

Bold colors and realism

Painting with watercolors is usually associated with pastel colors, unpredictability, and chaos on paper, which is difficult to tame. But this is only a part of the equation. Watercolors can be mastered and used to create realistic, more detailed images. Controlled chaos, precision, and the freedom and boldness in the use of color can give you outstanding results. I’ll teach you how to do that!

Watercolor painting of an iris

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