Hello there! I’m Krzysztof Kowalski, but you can call me Chris. As a watercolor artist and online watercolor teacher based in Poznan, Poland, my journey into the world of art took an unexpected turn. Graduating in Social Readaptation and Indonesian-Malaysian Philology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan might not sound like an artistic background, but my insatiable curiosity led me to discover the enchanting world of watercolors in 2012, turning them into my profound passion.

From childhood, painting and drawing have been my cherished hobbies. Before the allure of watercolors captivated me, I dabbled in oils, pastels, and graphite pencils. Specializing in realistic depictions of flowers, birds, and butterflies, I draw inspiration primarily from nature’s boundless beauty.

In a world dominated by concrete jungles, I aim to rekindle our connection with nature through my art. Nature, with its diversity and rich hues, serves as my muse.

Sharing my artistic journey has been a longstanding commitment. In January 2019, I took the plunge into full-time artistry with the launch of my Online Watercolor School. My mission is to consolidate knowledge, making watercolor accessible and enjoyable for enthusiasts.


Back in 2012, when I started painting with watercolors, a friend suggested I share my art on YouTube. The catch? I didn’t have a channel or know how to make videos. So, the first challenge was picking a name for my channel.

My real name was a bit complicated, so I got creative. While learning Esperanto, a language that’s all about hope, I fell in love with the word “espero.” Unfortunately, that name was already taken. No worries, though—I just added “art” to “espero.” To me, EsperoArt means creating art that brings hope, light, and color to our lives.

If you’re curious, you can check out the very first watercolor video I ever made here.


EsperoArt is more than a name; it’s like a colorful message of hope in the world of art.


I’ve never aimed to win fancy competitions or be hailed as the best painter globally. Competitions aren’t really my thing, and you won’t find me as a gold medalist anywhere. Sure, I might enter smaller contests now and then, but that’s more about feeling the occasional pressure. People might wonder, “He teaches watercolors, but what awards does he have?” Frankly, I paint for the joy of it, to add a dash of beauty to my life and yours, not to win or prove anything. I like taking my time, painting without rushing, without feeling the weight of competition. Enjoying the process is what matters most to me. If someone happens to like my paintings, that’s a wonderful bonus.

For me, painting is like meditation—a deliberate, unhurried journey of adding one brushstroke after another, diving into the enchanting world of watercolors. The slow buildup, working section by section to depict my subject realistically, is incredibly relaxing. The vibrant colors and the transparent magic of watercolor paints enable me to capture the essence of my subjects uniquely. Yes, it’s a challenge, but that challenge is what makes it exciting and, in the end, so rewarding.

While my primary style is realistic, I like leaving a bit of room for interpretation. I appreciate it when a painting looks real, yet you can sense it’s a piece of art. Some say my paintings border on hyperrealism, but I don’t see it that way. Hyperrealism was never my goal, even though I adore diving into the tiny details.

Inspiration, to me, is everywhere: a tiny bird perched on a thorn twig, a beam of light illuminating petals from behind, the repetitive patterns of batik fabrics, or simply the graceful shape of a leaf with a dewdrop that’s about to fall. Those seemingly small bits of reality we often overlook hold immense power—they serve as reminders that we’re just tiny specks in this vast universe. I want to pause, capture those moments, and linger in contemplation for just a bit longer.


I’ve always been a curious soul, keen on exploring a myriad of interests. With an open mind, I strive to savor every moment of this life. Certain life experiences have nudged me towards pursuing what brings me joy. I consciously choose to allocate my time to activities that uplift rather than those that annoy, disturb, or hinder personal growth – things like online negativity, jealousy, the rat race, or gossip are definite no-nos for me.

My curiosity extends far and wide, delving into various realms. Beyond the world of watercolor painting, here are a few more facets of life that capture my interest:


I am the author of a few activity books designed for both adults and children, all of which are readily available on Amazon. To offer more detailed insights into my works and interests, I’ve established a dedicated website. If you’d like to explore further, simply click here.

Anticipating inquiries about a potential watercolor-themed book, I’m pleased to confirm that it is indeed part of my long-term plan. While the book is currently a work in progress, I am not rushing its completion. I believe there is still much for me to learn, and I aspire to incorporate additional content. Despite its substantial size, I look forward to the day when someone will recognize its value and publish this comprehensive guide.


The enchanting world of piano playing stands as another passion of mine, paralleling my deep affection for painting. Although the piano pieces featured in my tutorials are not originally crafted by me (at least, not yet!), I am diligently engaged in the process of crafting my unique musical expressions. In 2022, I recorded a special rendition of “Christmas is Here” as a delightful surprise for my students. I invite you to witness the joyous moment by watching me play in this video: CLICK. May the harmonious notes bring warmth and holiday cheer to all who listen.


The enigmatic allure of Tarot has drawn me into its realm of symbols and archetypes. Each card tells a story, offering insights into the intricate dance of fate and free will. I appreciate the Tarot’s ability to provoke introspection and provide a fresh perspective on life’s complexities. It’s not just about predicting the future; it’s a tool for reflection, a mirror reflecting the inner landscapes of the soul. I find solace in the cards’ ability to guide, challenge, and unveil the hidden aspects of one’s journey.


Astrology has long been a captivating journey for me into the celestial mysteries. Exploring the intricate dance of planets and stars, I find wonder in the cosmic alignments that supposedly shape our destinies. Beyond mere horoscopes, my fascination lies in the intricate details, the unique birth chart narratives, and the profound connections between celestial movements and human experiences. It’s a cosmic language that, for me, adds an extra layer of depth to the tapestry of life.


I love traditional art and digital illustration, both shaping my creative journey. Traditional art feels real – the paper, brush strokes, and vibrant colors connect me to the process. On the flip side, digital illustration opens endless possibilities on a virtual canvas. I blend these worlds to push my creativity. Whether exploring classic techniques or using digital tools, each adds to my artistic expression. This mix inspires and grows my passion, creating an ever-evolving artistic path.


Yes! I do this. Crocheting brings me so much joy and relaxation. I love creating doilies, blankets, and tablecloths. The best part is sharing my creations with others and seeing the smiles they bring. It’s a wonderful and fulfilling craft.


While not a polyglot, I thoroughly enjoy learning languages. I studied Indonesian and Malaysian at university, continually improving my English skills. Currently, I’m immersed in learning Italian. In the past, I explored Chinese, Esperanto, Latin, and Greek. Polish, my native language, holds a special place in my linguistic journey.


  • 2021, September – My painting “Wayang Golek” won an Honorable Mention Award in “Patterns” Online Art Competition (CLICK)
  • 2021, June – finalist in The 2nd International Masters of Watercolour Youth Alliance contest and exhibition (CLICK).
  • 2020, July – I was interviewed by Clare McNamara for Jackson’s Art Blog (CLICK).
  • 2020, April – My painting “Dripping Fragrance” has been shortlisted for the Jackson’s Painting Prize 2020 (CLICK).
  • 2019, July – Finalist in an Online Art Competition “Nature” organized by Art Room Gallery.
  • 2019, July – My painting “Let Me Brighten Your Day” won a Special Merit Award in “Primary Colors” Online Art Competition (CLICK).
  • 2019, July – My painting “The Breath of Spring” won an Honorable Mention Award in “Primary Colors” Online Art Competition (CLICK).
  • 2019, March – In the 29th issue of “Artysta i Sztuka” (Artist and Art) magazine an interview with me and an article about my art was published. My painting “Rhythm of Nature” is on the cover.
  • 2019, February – I became an associate member of International Watercolor Society (IWS).
  • 2019, January – I launched my Online Watercolor School.
  • 2018, September – I graduated in Indonesian-Malaysian Philology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (second Master’s Degree).
  • 2018, June – My painting “Spiky Beauty” won ‘Honorable Mention’ Award in Global Association of Watercolor Artists International Watercolor Online Contest.
  • 2017, May – I was interviewed by Charlie O’Shields for Doodlewash® (CLICK).
  • 2017, March – My painting “Rhythm of Nature” won Best in Show award in watercolor category in an online contest at
  • 2016, December – I completed NHI101x: Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101 course offered by NewcastleX, an online learning initiative of The University of Newcastle, Australia through edX.
  • 2016, May – My botanical paintings referring to Maria Sibylla Merian’s artwork were exhibited during the Museums at Night 2016 in the Gdansk Library, an auxiliary scientific unit of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences in Gdańsk.
  • 2014, September – I graduated in Social Rehabilitation from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan (first Master’s Degree).
  • 2013, August – I received a Certificate of Appreciation for an active presence, for the high level of knowledge in the subject of artistic painting, including active contribution to the development of watercolor painting from the administration of Tessart Forum, where I actively promoted watercolor painting.
  • 2012, June – I started painting with watercolors.
  • 1985, June – I was born in Kętrzyn, Poland.

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