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Hi! My name is Krzysztof Kowalski (you can call me Chris). I’m a self-taught watercolorist based in Poznan, Poland. My educational background is not connected with art. I graduated in Social Readaptation and Indonesian-Malaysian Philology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. My curious disposition makes me love to discover new things and when I came across watercolors, it was something that quickly became my great passion.

Before I discovered watercolors, I had painted with oils, I drew with pastels (not much) and with a pencil (even less). I have been interested in painting since I remember. The main theme of my paintings is flowers, because I am amazed by the diversity and richness of their shapes and colors, but I don’t shun other themes too. ​I like to paint mostly in a realistic style, I am also fascinated by the botanical art and illustration. I don’t, however, restrict myself only to realistic and detailed painting. I like to try other styles including more loose paintings as well as watercolor and ink.

I love to share my experience with others, that’s why I set up a YouTube channel and my Teachable site. You can also support me on Patreon. I haven’t participated in any exhibitions yet, although I presented five of my botanical works in May 2016 during the Museums at Night 2016 event at the Polish Academy of Sciences Library in Gdansk. In December 2016, I completed the NHI101x course: Drawing Nature, Science and Culture: Natural History Illustration 101 organized by the University of Newcastle in Australia. I am also happy that my paintings have already found new homes on almost every continent.

I hope that my website, videos, blog posts and gallery will inspire you to reach for watercolors. It is said that watercolors is a very difficult medium, but I believe that one can learn everything step by step. You just have to try!

Painting with watercolors is usually associated with delicate, light images, unpredictability and chaos on paper which is difficult to tame. But this is only a part of equation. Watercolors can be mastered and used to create realistic, more detailed images. Controlled chaos, precision, but also the freedom and boldness in the use of color can give you amazing results. The basis is mastering the techniques and patience! Patience is the fundamental principle.

I like realistic painting (to a greater or lesser extent). I have always tried to strive to faithfully reproduce reality in my paintings, leaving room for my own interpretations. On this site I share my watercolor experience with the hope that my adventures will help someone.

A living part of my website is a blog where new posts will appear from time to time. I encourage you to comment and share!

Krzysztof has the best artwork & tutorials!! Never painted watercolors before & he is so easy to follow. Have to pause a lot because he makes it look so easy to do…lol. Patience & persistence…it pays off. I see multitudes of colors in everything now. Looking forward to more.

Tara Squair Sawyer

Krzysztof is a superb watercolor artist and he’s quite selfless with sharing his tips and methods with his peers and budding watercolor artists. I like his work because he has a bright and crisp pallet. Thanks for the help in my journey Krzysztof and I pray you good fortune in the future.

David Hoque

I adore his tutorials. Krzysztof, hats off to you! Wonderful work.

Linda Chase

Hi Chris, love your site. It is very inspirational and educational! Your art is also beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


I am learning so much from your art tutorials thank you for making amazing paintings! 🙂

Gracie Anna Shack

I absolutely love your videos. Your English is perfect. Stop worrying about it. You do a great job explaining and demonstrating your techniques. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

Vivian Cooper

Paint! Don’t be afraid to try! Once we were all at the beginning!

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