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Hi! My name is Krzysztof Kowalski (you can call me Chris). I’m a self-taught watercolorist based in Poznan, Poland. My educational background is not connected with art. I graduated in Social Readaptation and Indonesian-Malaysian Philology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. My curious disposition makes me love to discover new things and when I came across watercolors, it was something that quickly became my great passion.

Before I discovered watercolors, I had painted with oils, I drew with pastels (not much) and with a pencil (even less). I have been interested in painting since I remember. The main theme of my paintings is flowers, because I am amazed by the diversity and richness of their shapes and colors, but I don’t shun other themes too. ​I like to paint mostly in a realistic style, I am also fascinated by the botanical art and illustration. I don’t, however, restrict myself only to realistic and detailed painting. I like to try other styles including more loose paintings as well as watercolor and ink.

I love to share my experience with others, that’s why for many years I’ve been sharing my experience with others in the online world. Eventually, I decided to launch my Online Watercolor School, gather all the information in one place and help others to understand the medium.

I hope that my art will inspire you to reach for watercolors. It is said that watercolors is a very difficult medium, but I believe that one can learn everything step by step. You just have to try!

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