The Winter Woodpecker is one of the lessons available in my school. Now it’s available to you for free! Get a taste of how my tutorials look and what is my teaching style.

In this example class, you’ll have a chance to see all techniques I use in my paintings: wet on wet, wet on dry, lifting out, stippling, splattering, using white gouache, softening, negative painting, masking.

Challenging, but worth it!

In this free class, you will learn how to paint a woodpecker. You’ll see how I use many different techniques to achieve the desired effect. This tutorial is challenging, but you need it to develop your skills. If you don’t tackle something a bit more difficult, you’ll never hone your skills. You have to take the challenge to develop your talent!

Winter Woodpecker painting detail
Winter Woodpecker painting detail

Like a puzzle

I will show you how I break down such a complex painting into smaller, more manageable parts. When we think about the whole, it can be depressing 🙃  But it doesn’t have to be that way!

I always focus on smaller areas and build the whole painting like a puzzle. Step by step, layer by layer, one part at a time. This way, even the most complex painting becomes easier to tackle. You can really paint this! You just need more time and patience.  

Class materials

I’ll provide you with all supplies you need to finish this lesson:

  • line drawings in various sizes ready to print out and transfer onto your watercolor paper;
  • reference photos;
  • my work in progress photos;
  • a list of art supplies I used for this painting, including brushes, colors you need for this painting, paper, additional equipment;
  • and of course, step-by-step videos showing how to paint this beautiful painting from start to finish.
Winter Woodpecker supplies

Watch the preview.

About the videos

You’ll get access to a regular, full-length tutorial.

  • the lesson is divided into 14 manageable parts;
  • the length of each part is between 4 and 20 minutes;
  • the total length of the videos is 2 hours;
  • the painting took me around 6 hours to finish (without drying time).

Are you ready to take up the challenge?

They have done it!

These amazing paintings are done by the members of my school who took the challenge. You can be one of them!

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Bonus Lesson: How To Use Masking Fluid

Winter Woodpecker is not all. I also have a bonus lesson for you!

1. Have you ever heard that masking fluid can be applied ONLY on a dry surface? Do you know that it’s a myth?

2. Do you know how to paint straight lines with masking fluid?

3. Do you know how to achieve the beautiful glowing effect of backlit hairs?

Learn the secrets of masking fluid! I’ll teach you how to use this indispensable watercolor medium.

Winter Woodpecker painting detail