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The previews of two latest tutorials:

Join my Online Watercolor School

Step into the world of vibrant watercolors! I’ll teach you how to use watercolor paints to create realistic, full of life paintings.

You can follow my tutorials at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. Each tutorial comes with an accompanying PDF document listing the art supplies used in a tutorial and additional information about the painting. I will provide you with downloadable reference photos and outline drawings to get you started with each new project. Each project has a comment section, where you can ask questions and show your work in progress.

A new tutorial will be available every month. Additionally, I will be posting shorter videos explaining particular issues like for example different techniques of watercolor painting. My tutorials will cover many subjects, but mostly nature (flowers, birds, butterflies, landscapes etc.) and still life. We’ll be painting mostly in a realistic style, but sometimes we will also have a go with something looser.

Once you have an active subscription, simply log in to your account with your username or e-mail and password. To log in just go to the main menu > Log in.

No, the videos are streamed, but so long as you have a high-speed internet connection and are a member of the School, you can watch them as many times as you like.

So long as you are a School member, you can access all School content.

You can complete the tutorials at your own pace. There are no deadlines and you don’t have to hurry. As long as you are a School member, you have access to all tutorials, so take your time and enjoy the process. There is no particular plan, each tutorial is an independent project.

Yes, I always try to be up to date and answer all your questions, although I can’t guarantee that I will always give you a feedback and answer quickly. I work on my own, I don’t have anyone to help me, so sometimes it can be difficult.

You’ll be able to cancel your subscription whenever you like via your account page of the School website.

It depends on the particular tutorial and the difficulty. The length is between 40 minutes to 7 hours. I try to show you every step of the painting, that’s why some of them are very long. You can always speed up the videos. Some parts of the videos are speeded up if I paint something repeatedly.

Yes, all of my tutorials have my voiceover. I am not an English native speaker, but as far as I know from my students I am understandable ;)

Yes, you can. Although in order to avoid copyright infringement, I encourage you to read the Terms and Conditions, especially a section “Avoiding Copyright Infringement”.

I accept only PayPal payments. Payment with a credit card is not available. This may change in the future, but as for now only PayPal payment method is available.


Default Avatar100

I wanted to update my testimonial because just looking at the previews of the monthly project is an inadequate expression of all that is offered to the members of Chris’s online school. I’m speaking of the very lengthy tutorial on colour theory and how the colour wheel works in relation to the actual paints we are using.
There is also a very comprehensive two part series on mixing greens, which I think a lot of people struggle with in any sphere of watercolour. This is developing my knowledge way beyond the task of painting a flower, the way Chris explains everything in a calm, logical and progressive way is an enormous help.
I’m printing off all the accompanying notes and now have effectively my own book developing, which is going to be a very precious resource for me

Default Avatar100

Tried his school for one month and just extended it to an annual subscription. His real time tutofrials are clear and easy to follow, and most important is the individual feedback. Wonderful!


I joined Chris over a year ago first of all on his patreon and now his online school. I do desperately needed to understand how watercolour works and behaves as I didn’t find it an easy medium. I chose Chris to teach me because he has such a passion for this medium and uses it in such a beautiful way in painting flowers. Not just any flowers but living breathing vibrant flowers which are a joy to behold as they come to life on my watercolour paper. I could have never been satisfied with a more botanical style as thst sort of painting doesn’t resonate with me, in my view cut flowers used for that purpose are already dying and show the vibrancy and life of growing flowers. Chris is the most amazing teacher he explains everything in a clear concise way, helping me to understand how to make this medium work. I’m blown away by the time dedication and care he puts into every tutorial in order to give us the maximum possibility of success, for myself I’m thrilled with the success I’ve had with some of my paintings where previously I only experienced failure with watercolour

Default Avatar100

I joined Chris's school in order to learn to do backgrounds - having previously done only botanical painting. Chris is a patient, caring teacher. He comments personally on your work and gives lots of help.

I needed help. As a long time self taught watercolorist and not satisfied with my work I enrolled in his course. Chris has a deep knowledge and passion for watercolor. Chris leaves nothing out and gives the student everything from the beginning to the completion of the painting he explains the "why" of paint color choices and and shows how the watercolor paint to water ratio works. Most important to me was he showed how to mix his colors and his pallet was always shown. Everything was shown stroke by stroke. I cannot thank Chris enough. My paintings now are not muddy, they are cleaner and more colorful. His teaching enabled me to do a black and white tonal study with red strawberries. Yes and I even painted Chris' Spring Iris which was my favorite. Thank you so much Chris for your Esperot (so much more included here) and your wonderful teaching that enabled me to improve my paintings!

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