Hi everyone! Translucent Iris is an advanced project. I’m going to show you how to create a blurry wet on wet background, which is not something new, however this time we’re going to try to create some shapes in the background that can be identified. They are blurred in order to create the depth of field, but they are still recognizable as iris flowers. This requires some experience in water control, that’s why I think it’s a more advanced painting, but even if you are not very experienced you can give it a go, because only if we try to paint something above our level can we develop our watercolor skills. We will also focus on the details of the iris and try to create the papery texture of the spathe and beautiful transparent look. I hope you’ll enjoy this lesson.

Take a look at the tutorial preview. Take a look at the tutorial preview. The full tutorial is available in my Online Watercolor School and in my Gumroad Shop.