I wanted to finish this year with a wintery scene with a bird. My decision-making process was of course super long because there are so many beautiful things we can paint, but eventually, I decided to combine a few different reference photos into one, nice wintery composition. I chose a woodpecker, added berries warm in color which corresponds with red feathers, and finished it with a blizzardy background in dark blue which creates a nice contrast with the bird and berries. I think the effect is really nice. There will be a lot of different techniques we’ll use in this tutorial, starting from wet on wet background (of course), through negative painting (berries at the bottom), splattering, lifting out, wet on dry details to adding white gouache in order to create frost on the berries. I hope you’ll enjoy it! 😊🍀🌷

Take a look at the tutorial preview. The full tutorial is available in my Online Watercolor School.