I welcomed the new year with a big come back to the Big Brother lily. Flowers and leaves of the lily are the subject of this post. I will show you the stages of painting.

Lily flowers

I have been looking at the photos of lilies for a long time in order to choose colors correctly. In the end, I came to the conclusion that the outer petals of the lily are creamy, but inside there is a lot of cool yellow with some warmer parts. I knew that I definitely had to use Winsor Lemon PY175 and I used it, but eventually I also added a lot of Hansa Yellow Deep PY65 and even Quinacridone Gold PO49. I got a creamy color from a mix of Winsor Lemon PY175 + Permanent Rose PV19 + a touch of Ultramarine Blue PB29. In some places I also used gray (Ultramarine Blue PBB29 + Burnt Sienna PR101).

Leaves of a lily

I applied the first layer trying to paint the leaves alternately. There is gloss on the leaves. I decided to use diluted Ultramarine Blue PB29 which worked perfectly here. I also had two green mixtures. One brighter and warmer was the combination of Ultramarine Blue PB29 and Hansa Yellow Medium PY97. The second darker and cooler is Phthalo Blue (Winsor Blue Green Shade) PB15, Hansa Yellow Medium PY97 and a bit of Indanthrene Blue PB60. I noticed that the leaves have warm, light green tips, but the closer they are to the stems, the darker and colder they are.

After applying the first layer, I started again adding more details and deepening the colors.