Cyclamen studies

I cannot stress enough how much I love the Botanical Sketchbook by Mary Ann Scott and Margaret Stevens. This is truly my favourite book about botanical painting. It doesn't teach how to paint (like excellent Billy Showell's books) but it is so inspiring for me [...]

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The Great Mormon and Orchid Tree step by step

I started my second botanical project this week. This time I decided to paint a great mormon (Papilio memnon) sitting on the orchid tree. I had the incredible pleasure of watching this butterfly in its natural environment while staying in Bali, Indonesia last year. The [...]

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Chrysalis, caterpillar and imago of Melitaea didyma

The last stage of painting this illustration are insects. I decided to put Melitaea didyma butterfly in the three stages of development. They are: chrysalis, caterpillar and adult insect. There will be two adult butterflies, because one of them has spread its wings and I [...]

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Echium vulgare

Nature is surprising me all the time. Today I wanted to sketch something, but I don't have any living plant now (I have a pine cone, but maybe later...). So I was browsing my photos and I hit on the Echium vulgare. ​ The name [...]

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